Dispute Resolution Services

Mediators Without Borders’ empirically-tested InAccord® Conflict Analysis model minimizes the financial cost of disputes by keeping organizations out of the courtroom.  It reduces the time and toll conflicts can take when they persist and deepen, preserving relationships between disputants and providing employees and companies with a trusted, predictable pathway and time frame through conflict. Through uniform delivery, consistency and sustainability of facilitation, mediation and arbitration services, Mediators Without Borders ensures efficacy, fairness, measured costs and transparency in dispute resolution.

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Training and Education

Mediators Without Borders’ affiliate organization, Mediators Without Borders Institute, offers training and education services in alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Its online graduate ADR certificate program is listed in over 900 university catalogues.  Through its partnership with Excelsior College, Mediators Without Borders Institute and Excelsior College co-host annual ADR training seminars for corporate executive teams, NGOs, non-profits, and government organizations and offers the ADR certificate program as a concentration through Excelsior College’s MBA, MPA, and MSM programs.

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Conflict Resolution: Become a Mediator or Arbitrator

All professions and life experiences welcome!

  • Emerging Business Leaders
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Military
  • Police Officers
  • Mental Health Workers
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Mediators Without Borders Coaches and Facilitators teach your corporate team how to engage in difficult conversations about issues, that left alone, may fester and build into more complex and heated disputes. Our Coaches and Facilitators help your team learn how to identify early conflict, engage in constructive dialogue and build this process into the brand culture with one-on-one training and workshops to save your company time and money in the future.
Mediation is a private process that aims to ensure an amicable, sustainable solution that satisfies everyone involved. Mediators Without Borders’ Certified Mediators serve as neutral third parties who encourage collaborative solutions to conflict through a proprietary three phase process – the InAccord® Conflict Analysis model. Once the Memorandum of Agreement is signed by all parties, it becomes a binding contract and the conflict is resolved.
Arbitration is a time-tested, cost-effective alternative to litigation. It’s the right solution for franchisors, franchisees, vendors or employees who feel a third-party will provide the best results for everyone involved. An unbiased Arbitrator will determine a fair award based on the Conflict Analysis procedure and the evidence presented by each  party. All parties must agree to be bound by the final decision of the Arbitrator.

Why Mediators Without Borders?

  • Mediators Without Borders has a proven history of successfully resolving conflicts within industries such as gas and oil, insurance, banking, manufacturing as well as resolving internal workplace dispute.
  • Internationally, Mediators Without Borders model works effectively with disputes over climate variability, political divisions, resource scarcity and security.
  • Mediators Without Borders corporate clients learn to successfully handle conflicts at the earliest moment.
  • Mediators Without Borders clients save time and money with our four-hour framework that contains cost and decreases how long a dispute can span before it is resolved.
  • The Mediators Without Borders process effectively promotes conflict prevention and resolution and reduces future conflict.