romaniaFor several years we’ve been experiencing the tremendous inAccord Model as a basis of both our ADR practice and collaboration with and within Mediators without Borders, our “life partner” as regards the understanding of (and struggle for) imminent transparency of any of the above named processes / procedures, also defined as “Alternative Justice”.
The inAccord Model provided by Mediators without Borders , along with the tremendous expertise in ADR – practice (of the coaches), is the one that makes the real difference between judiciary and ADR .

While in the first case , what really cares is the ability of one side (namely the claimant or his/her representative / lawyer) to explore the vulnerabilities of the other side and thereby try to persuade the judge to decide in favor of the claimant / “client”, the inAccord Model does nothing else but the contrary, which means that it firstly helps each party to understand and overcome his/her own vulnerabilities and thereby have the courage to comprehend the issue (in dispute) beyond the superficial aspects of the conflict .
The inAccord Model is the best guarantee that both the Mediator/Arbitrator and the parties are governed by good faith and focused on finding altogether a fair and solid and thereby sustainable solution to the conflict.

The Touchstone Skills and inAccord surveys do not allow any lack of fairness and transparency within the process , both parts being equally “empowered” to express their needs / interests and positions towards the conflict , the Mediator / Arbitrator being compelled to make him/herself equally understood by all disputants , either when he/she explains the imperative / legal basis of the conflict or allows parties to enter the “relational phase” of the process, when they start to express their first options towards a joint (commonly agreed as equally satisfactory) solution.

In conclusion, while “judiciary” means a “form of seeing and telling the truth from one side’s perspective”, the inAccord Model is definitely the best solution towards a common view/perspective (of all disputants / both sides involved) over the conflict , which means that it thereby provides a totally different (incomparably more solid) basis for a dispute resolution, which is assumed by the parties, but not left on the shoulders of any other “good willing” deciders .
Guided by the inAccord Model, the ADR professional certified by MwB can not fail from being a neutral, impartial (although involved in the process) facilitator of a solid solution for the conflict, either when he/she encourages the parties to assume 100% the solution (such as the Mediator does) or assumes (at least partially) the decision, when acting as an Arbitrator.

In one single phrase, from our point of view, the inAccord Model can be defined as “a life insurance” for the solution/ outcome of the process .
And this is what makes us recommend it to all ADR present or future professionals and join MwB’s efforts in implementing this sort/way of “making /providing justice” all around the world.

Cătălin-Alexandru Grigoraş & Corina Andrei MwB / inAccord – Certified Mediators / Arbitrators

Brief bios :
Cătălin-Alexandru Grigoraş (born in 1977) , Bachelor of Arts (University Degree from “George Enescu” University of Arts , Iasi / Romania), Master’s Degree in Communication & Public Relations (“Stefan cel Mare” University Suceava) ; UNESCO Award, Athens 2005
Corina Andrei (born in 1964), University Degree and Master’s Degree from Universities “Lucian Blaga”/Sibiu and “Al. I.Cuza”/Iasi