Touchstones: A Pathway to Authentic Communication

We are excited to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on our new book, Touchstones: A Pathways to Authentic Communication. This book presents a pathway to your more authentic self, noting that this journey is ever a direction, replete with course corrections and new relationships all along the way. There are many paths that can be taken on this journey and our goal is to share an approach developed and practiced by our Mediators Without Borders Team that has and is making a profound difference in both the lives of those we teach and in our own personal journeys to greater authenticity. At its heart, the Touchstone Skills are designed to provide you, the reader, with insights about how you approach a difficult situation or interpersonal challenge.  These three skills will help you improve your relationships with others, and most importantly, your re-connection with your authentic self. This book presents these skills within three contexts: 1) instruction in the direct application of the three skills both intra-psychically and interpersonally; 2) the theory and research supporting the use of these skills; and 3) case applications that illustrate how these can be used within oneself, with family and friends, in the workplace, and in larger arenas such as politics, policy making, and nation building and healing.


When we completed our first book, In Justice, inAccord, we both knew here was another book in waiting, a text that would present a more preventative narrative of how to avoid the escalation of a potential conflict. We sought to address the communication skills necessary to deal with everyday problem-solving and decision making situations. Indeed, we began almost immediately to create our Touchstones text with a greater focus on how to apply the Touchstone Practice presented in In Justice, inAccord to everyday situations that do not call for the use of an outside expert to facilitate the communication process. We aspire to present a volume that offers a research-based methodology underlying the inAccord model, along with an appropriate array of survey instruments that readers can employ for self-assessment. These can be applied in ways that illuminate the use and misuse of communication styles all presented within a firm scholarly structure. Our goal is to provide a framework that will apply to people’s everyday lives and improve their authentic communication skills.