Counting Our Blessings

As we come upon the end of a very productive year, we would like to count the blessings that have come our way and thank each of you that have been a part of our alumni, advisory board, and academic team in 2012. We, and other nations, made it through interesting and contentious elections, some that fostered a nascent, yet determined democracy. And, we grieve as a people connected instantly to the great loss of life in Syria and the mind numbing tragedy at Sandy Hook.  While it is important to reflect on the lessons learned from these events, we must remember that these and many other untenable events can propel the global community into a time of soul searching about the need for greater collaboration in creating harmony within our families, between organizations and governments. Certainly we are in need of more preventative, skill building approaches in our global family.

We are introducing our latest communication textbook, as a complimentary volume to In Justice, inAccord by Shauna Ries and Susan Harter. This skill building pathway to greater personal authenticity is called Touchstones: A Pathway to Authentic Communication and is due out on Amazon in February 2013. In this text, authors Ries, Harter and Murphy expand on the Touchstone Skills of Questioning, Reflecting and Reframing as a preventative measure for individuals, organizations and in international affairs.

Many times, personal, business and global challenges force us to examine both our intra personal and interpersonal dialogue in a way that forces us to redefine our humanity, reconsider how we interact with one another, and focus on solutions that connect us to a common vision of a more peaceable world. This holiday season, we are blessed by our great fortune to be part of this Mediators Without Borders organization that seeks to put us and others on this meaningful path to greater peace and compassion. We are appreciative for each of you as you gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.